Interdisciplinary CNESST & SAAQ physical Rehabilitation | Forcephysio
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Interdisciplinary CNESST & SAAQ physical Rehabilitation | Forcephysio


Forcephysio offers a CNESST / SAAQ interdisciplinary physical rehabilitation program designed to develop the client’s functional abilities and prepare him for a safe and sustainable return to work.

Following an orthopedic injury, some people are off work for a lengthy period of time and their healing far exceeds the estimated normal healing time. They may have received several types of conventional treatments without having the expected results allowing them to have a satisfactory occupational return. This is where they can be taken care of by a team of professionals who are occupational therapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and psychologists.

The interdisciplinary team will be dedicated to them, in the clinic, several hours a day, several days a week, over a period of a few weeks. The exercises’ intensity level and the program’s length are determined according to the initial evaluation. The patient usually follows a general fitness routine but he will also have access to yoga classes, competitive group games, relaxation sessions, cooking workshops, psycho-educational workshops lead by the psychologist as well as stretching classes. He will be active all day, but in a gradual way, according to his limits and always supervised by a member of the team. Interventions can also be made in the workplace.

Interdisciplinary meetings are also held on a regular basis to ensure that all practitioners work toward the same goal. Our aim is to maximize the physical abilities of our patients in order to support a safe return to work and improve their occupational performance.

In addition, our program is covered by CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC, and private insurers.


We provide:

  • Collaboration with advisors associated with files
  • A timely and safe return to work, taking into account the risk of relapse
  • Thorough management of patients’ files
  • Improvement of the victims’ functional status
  • Timely production of reports

Our services:

  • Interdisciplinary team
  • Evaluation of functional and work abilities
  • Assessment of risk factors in the workplace
  • Development of functional and work abilities
  • Preparatory fitness for a safe return to the workplace
  • Pain management strategies
  • Psychological support
  • Cognitive behavioural approach to pain
  • Gradual return to the workplace
  • Adaptation in the workplace